Just a an alpha test for a game me and my friend have been working on for a while, me being the coder and him the artist. This game was firstly intended for pc but we changed our mind and will be porting it to android soon...it was also supposed to be a copy of moomoo, in case the art looks similar to anyone, but here we are.


Space to dash attack

Click to attack

Strength increases damage with physical weapons (on slot 1) and health, dexterity increases damage with bows/the boomerang (on slot 2), and the increases the rate of fire for bows, vitality just increases raw health.

The bosses were made with a little strategy in mind, in case they seem to hard, there might be an easier way to defeat them (well mostly anyway).

Feel free to leave any constructive criticism or feedback on whether you had/hadn't fun with game and what caused it. Anything will be greatly appreciated! :D

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